Nestled in the verdant and resplendent natural beauty of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast, Danyasa is home for retreats, classes and teacher trainings in yoga and other movement arts. I was hired to capture this experience and we spent two weeks exploring the jungles of Costa Rica to create this magical piece.


Luminescent Grand

The Luminescent grand is the worlds first synesthesia piano.

Creator William Jerome needed content to promote the piano, and at the time, I was preparing to lead a class with The Digital Media Academy. DMA Studios teaches teenagers how to produce real content with real clients. We partnered to create this music video.


Tom James

Tom James Company is the world’s largest provider of custom and bespoke clothing.

Each year they release a spring and fall look book. I was hired to capture the elegance.


iChoose iWatch

My favorite books growing up were choose your own adventure books, my favorite events are music festivals. Why not combine the two?

This series was to demonstrate how someone at home could get the full festival experience without actually being there.



I was hired as art director on the shoot of this music video, with Poolside and 12FPS. This project was used as curriculum for Digital Video with Adobe Creative Cloud.


Pacific Disco

Pacific Disco needed a music video to promote their new single. This was another partnership with The Digital Media Academy to produce real content with real clients and teach teens about video production on a live set.



This was another collaboration with the crew at 12FPS. I was hired to help with grip, lighting, and general assistance on this wildly successful kickstarter campaign.


Google Racer

This is the experience of the Google Chrome Racer installation at the Google Conference. I was hired by 12FPS and Hush to set up grip, operate camera, and lighting.